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Integrated Webinars

Hebeon Technologies offers the best webinar integration services. Whether you are a seasoned webinar host or completely new to the concept of hosting live seminars via the web, our easy-to-use tools and simple-to-understand technology will help you create and deliver effective, high-impact webinars.

Hebeon’s powerful webinar creation tools are so simple to use, Our experienced developers create an interactive style webinar platform that allows attendees to ask questions and provide feedback during the webinar.

Hebeon’s Webinar Platform Has 4 Star Unmatched Features.

  • Video quizzing feature is becoming more and more popular considering how creative and conveying it is.
  • Hebeon’s video based quizzes are so distinct and well-built .
  • Hebeon’s quizzes are fabricated in a creative and methodological way.
  • Questions can be embedded throughout the video for users to answer and participate.
  • Video quizzes have proven to show better results than any other form of testing.
  • Any kind of topic can easily be integrated and converted into a quiz with Hebeon.
  • Important topics from the videos can be highlighted.
  • Users or students can be quizzed and tested during the video making the grading process unique and smart.

Video based quizzes

Hebeon’s webinars are so uniquely built with the sole intention of making online tutoring more attainable.

Third Party Integrations

  • There are various webinar hosting platforms that are widely used in today’s world.
  • Online meetings or webinars can now be scheduled without much hassle directly from Hebeon.
  • With this feature you can get all your meetings done from our platform without having to attend or maintain multiple tabs running in the background.
  • Platforms like zoom, google meet, microsoft teams, skype etc are so popular and convenient to use.
  • Hebeon gives you the availability to integrate these third party apps into our software for a finer experience.
  • This quality feature allows for a progressive and commodious teaching environment.

Attendance Tracker

  • Keeping track of the attendees can be quite a task but not with Hebeon.
  • Hebeon’s attendance tracker does the job for you.
  • The number of attendees participating in the allotted webinar can easily be calculated.
  • Right from the moment the user logs in to the very end of the meeting, the entire affair is recorded and stored in our database.
  • The attendance of every person that joins the webinar via links is noted by the Hebeon’s unique software.

Metrics Calculator

  • Oftentimes, it becomes nearly impossible to manage and track every attendee’s activity.
  • We at Hebeon have designed our software in such a way that it easily does the job for you.
  • We offer you the feature of tracking the course of the users.
  • Hebeon’s software notifies you about the user’s stay duration during the webinar or meeting.