We are a nimble company working hard and adding value to educational system.


Our Core Pillars

We have coached and guided lot of technical and non-technical engineer who had great aspirations but little confidence around the concepts they learnt. After coaching few - we realized that it's not the learners with aspiration ; it not the teachers with knowledge.

It's the academic situation and challenges posed to both learners and teacher. This was our eureka moment to reverse the cycle and build-up on the strengths of the learners and teachers.

Hebeon was created in response to a learning solutions that prompted needs and success of the learners. We believed that if learners can reach their heights - credit (pat on the back) automatically goes to the teachers and the institution. Ultimately creating an win-win environment for all the interested parties. With that goal in mind - we embarked on the following three broad goals:

Concepts in Layman Terms

We have added tons and tons of simple to understand infographics, mind maps, animation to explain complex technical concepts into layman terms. Instead of scaring learners with complex technical concepts - we want to make it fun by relating them to day to day life events - instantly we noticed that this method makes learning easy - importantly creates lifelong retention. This methodology allows us to fulfil the vision of Concept First - Technology Next.

Guided learning based on student skills

It's toll on teachers to teach same concepts every year ; rush through the concepts to cover the syllabus of the course; while doing the exams, grading, planning for projects and many more. This created lot of stress and undue burden on the teachers. Instead we reversed the cycle - by giving them tools where they can reuse the content ; adapt the content to their style; reuse randomized question database to conduct exams; best of all - automated reports by course, student and many more attributes. This enabled teachers to focus on creating stars for next generation instead of focusing on the tactical mundane to get through the course.

Practice anywhere and anytime

We quickly realized that swimming cannot be taught by reading the textbooks and videos. Hence we have created tools that will allow students to practice and test the knowledge they learnt. Like any other sport or skill - first time it might not make them stars - but tool is built to provide them with feedback around areas of improvement - which in turn is expected to sharpen the skills and mater them. We noticed that this builds confident and better knowledge retention.

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